In today’s world the precise testing of microorganisms is crucial and sensitive to the health and economy of food and feed.  ATC Scientific has a closely aligned business ATC Microbiology.  ATC has a staff that is experienced in food and feed microbiology testing and understands the importance of thoroughness and confidentiality.  Below are some specific food tests that ATC has the capability of performing. 

General Bacterial Enumeration Methods

Aerobic (also Standard, Total) Plate Count
Aerobic Plate Count-Membrane Filter
Aerobic Plate Count-Sanitation Swab
Anaerobic Plate Count
Psychrophilic Plate Count
Thermophilic Plate Count
Total Coliform (AOAC- Petrifilm
E. coli (AOAC-Petrifilm If done with Coliforms
Total Coliform (VRB w/MUG
E. coli (VRB w/MUG
Total Coliform (FDA BAM Confirmation
E. coli (FDA BAM5 Confirmation
Only one presumptive charge when Total Coliform and E. coli are ordered together
Enterobacteriaceae (Petrifilm
Staphylococcus aureus (Petrifilm
Staphylococcus aureus (FDA BAM Confirmation
Lactic Acid Bacteria (MRS)
Mesophilic Aerobic Sporeformers
Mesophilic Anaerobic Sporeformers
Bacteria Identification (biochemical

Yeast and Mold Methods

Yeast Count (FDA BAM-DRBC
Osmophilic Yeast (CMMEF)
Mold Count (FDA BAM-DRBC)
Yeast and Mold Differential Count
Mold Count and ID to genus
Organism identification to species

Environmental Enumeration Methods

Total Coliform (SM-MPN) Confirmation
E. coli (SM-MPN) Confirmation
Only one presumptive charge when Total Coliform and E. coli are ordered together
Total Coliforms (SM-Membrane Filter)
Fecal Coliforms (SM-Membrane Filter)
Pseudomonas Count Speciation
Water Potability (AOAC-Colilert
Fecal Streptococci (KF agar

Pathogenic Bacteria Determinations

Salmonella (USDA or FDA Cultural  Confirmation
Salmonella (AOAC rapid method Confirmation
Salmonella in the Poultry Environ Confirmation, Serogroup, Serotype
Listeria (USDA or FDA Cultural Confirmation to species
Listeria (AOAC rapid method Confirmation
Bacillus cereus (FDA cultural Confirmation
Campylobacter (in foods or rinsate Confirmation
E. coli O157:H7 Confirmation
Shigella sonnei (FDA cultural Confirmatio