Quality Control

The complete quality control system of ATC Scientific involves three major components: the Quality Manual, Quality Procedures, and Methods.  The latter two comprise what is known as Standard Operating Procedures, or SOP for short.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual is a document that provides an overview for the quality program at ATC Scientific.  It’s purpose it to summarize the key components of the system as well as highlight other relevant facts about the way that ATC conducts business, including information about our facilities, equipment, and staff.

Quality Procedures

The Quality Procedures are individual SOP that define the basic laboratory practices that are implemented at ATC.  These SOP are based on the US Code of Federal Regulations, specifically 21 CFR 58 which pertains to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).  GLP addresses laboratory concerns such as personnel and organization, facilities, equipment, controls, protocol, reporting, and records.  To view a copy of the GLP regulations, please use this link.


The Methods are individual SOP that define precisely how ATC performs each analysis conducted by the lab.  Each one is based on a reference method that is approved by a governing body, such as AOAC, AOCS, AACC, or ASTM.  These methods outline the reagents, equipment, and individual steps necessary to perform an analysis, using the specific format as outlined in the Quality Procedure regarding method format.  To visit the website of the common governing bodies, please click any of the links below.