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ATC Scientific is an analytical testing laboratory located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We are a full service, independently owned lab, specializing in agriculture, feed, and food testing covering everything from nutritional analysis to food safety. Our strength is in providing quality results, while delivering fast turnaround time, attentive customer service, and industry leading value. Our primary goal is to assure the highest quality results are presented to our clients in a fast, timely manner. For more information about our testing capabilities, select your industry below.

Feed mill managers, procurement specialists, nutritionists, and quality assurance personnel need to have accurate analytical data to support their operations.  Laboratory data is needed to verify the quality of the incoming ingredients, monitor critical points throughout the mill, and validate the finished feed product.  Even with an onsite laboratory or NIR, third party data from an accredited lab like ATC Scientific can be a critical component to the overall QA plan.

Pet food & treat manufacturers, and their vendors, face a tough regulatory environment coupled with demanding customers. Food safety and product quality demands require comprehensive laboratory data to evidence safety and support quality. By including an accredited third party laboratory such as ATC Scientific into your food safety and quality assurance programs, you can strengthen these programs while freeing up more time to focus on other needs.

Through the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the FDA has mandated risk-based preventative controls for all participants in the US food supply chain. Companies need to have a strong plan in place to address potential hazards of physical, chemical, or biological nature. Partnering with an accredited third party laboratory such as ATC Scientific not only strengthens a safety plan, but also demonstrates a real commitment to the preventative mindset of the FSMA.

Suppliers and consumers involved in commodities trading want to ensure the product meets the required specifications. Trading requirements can vary from oversight organizations, such as NOPA & NCPA, to government regulations in international trade. ATC Scientific has the broad capabilities and accreditations required to support both the supplier and the consumer with critical laboratory analysis.

Oilseed mill managers and quality assurance personnel rely on accurate analytical data to optimize the desired products and minimize the waste. Laboratory analysis is critical at all stages including incoming product, miscella, crude oil, partially and fully refined, meal, and even waste. Testing should support process control, product safety, and product quality. Even with an onsite laboratory, third party data from an accredited laboratory like ATC Scientific can be a critical component to long term success.

The industries we serve are routinely refining processes, which is why ATC Scientific is committed to supporting research and development.  This means that we regularly support academic research that is shaping the future of the industries we serve. Our broad capabilities allow us to support University studies ranging from nutrition to food safety.  This commitment also includes our internal commitment to expanding our capabilities and evaluating new methods and technology.  With a team dedicated to development work and cutting edge instrumentation, you can be sure that ATC Scientific will grow with your business. 

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